Thinker. Creative. Problem simplifier. Caffeinated warrior. Automation specialist. Draperesque, but without the demons. Celebrating two decades of digital awesomeness. Blogger. Pretty sure that everyone who calls themselves a “futurist” is full of it. Opinionated. Bootstrapped and proud. Self-proclaimed great dad. Small business advocate. Designer. Both a do-er AND a talker. If you design websites in Photoshop, you’re doing it wrong. Less is never more but it’s often better. Business owners focus on traffic because it sounds sexier than conversions; It’s not. Don’t always take my own advice. If you introduce yourself as an expert you probably aren’t one. Firm believer in the power of email marketing. Was on LinkedIn way before it was the next big thing. 87% of everything I say is 100% accurate, but only 72% of the time. Would love to be a tycoon or mogul of something someday. WordPress superhero. Recognized national speaker and inbound expert. There are things more important in life than search engine rankings. The only guy you know with a QR code tattoo. Mac jockey. Results mean more than anything else. Guru is not a job title. Touched Guy Kawasaki (appropriately) on two separate occasions. Web problems and marketing problems can be fixed; it’s harder fixing a business person who is fundamentally frightened of these things. Usability always wins. Empowerment is the web’s killer app. Believes any web strategy that hinges on your ability to outsmart Google is probably a bad strategy. Stickler for the rules unless the rules are dumb. Fairly certain I coined the phrase “automagic.” Search engine optimization as we knew it is dead as is the SEO mentality. Doing one or two things really well is better than doing five things terribly. Innovation in business today extends far beyond mobile app development.  The whole augmented reality thing is still coming. Coffee is for closers which is why I drink so much of it. Once used the F-word 20 times in 5 minutes in front of a packed auditorium. Pro-bells, but anti-whistles. Entreprenuer. Sort of like a cowboy but with a fear of horses. Award-winning author of two books. Volunteer. Who else remembers Hypercard? Arch-nemesis of bull$#!T everywhere. Winnebago enthusiast. There are no “silver bullet” or “one and done” marketing strategies. I’d rather be Richard Branson than Mark Cuban. Is anyone working on a 3d printer that makes whisky? Not particularly fond of hearing myself talk. My way is always better except when its not. Aficionado of the integrated approach. Exceptional professional. Recently learned how to spell aficionado.